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Meet Robbert....

Robbert van den Broeke immigrated to New Zealand from the Netherlands 22 years ago. He has always had a passion for beautiful antiques. Over the years he has collected an extensive array of european treasures. Culminating in the creation of Halkett Barn on his West Melton property, 15 mins west of Christchurch City.

Robbert sources his products direct from Europe. So if people have a special request, the chances are he will be able to find it for you.

All the furniture get fully restored on site in my own workshop. Each piece is different, most just need only a good wax and others need a complete fix,

but when finished and the piece celebrate its past and shows its warms, you know you have unique piece and it's ready to go a good home.

Delivery through whole of New Zealand.

email Robbert:

Halkett Barn opening time

Thurs - Saturday   from 10am till 4 pm,

and by appointment.

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